SoulWeaves presents the legendary pashmina
handcrafted in contemporary styles by master craftsmen of India

It is born of extreme cold and very high altitudes.
Gathered by hardy, traditional herders it is handmade and its making, historical.
Called soft gold, it is a sensual delight.

SoulWeaves' men's range has artisanal Pashmina shawls and
cashmere mufflers in modern patterns for the global aesthete.

SoulWeaves reimagines the Pashmina as a
heady mix of the simple and the flamboyant.

Exclusive, personalised Pashminas,
woven and detailed to your taste.

Specially hand-spun and hand-woven for a chunkier, cosier feel,
our throws marry western aesthetics with eastern craft.

In a market full of Pashmina rip offs and alluring fakes
we get a two-step certification for every Pashmina product
that comes out of our studio.

Scarves and stoles for women in all-natural fibres
including linen, cotton, silk and blends.

The Making of a SoulWeaves Pashmina