The SoulWeaves community is closer to being a family than a business, and we go that extra mile to ensure each product is impeccably produced. Your SoulWeaves piece carries within its close-knit fibres the long struggle to keep handloom traditions alive in a country that is fast embracing machine-produced textiles. Amidst this uncertainty, your support goes a long way to ensure that skilled artisans in Kashmir, Leh, and Rajasthan get to practice their craft in a free and fair space.

Each handmade product provides income security for artisans, a lease of life for the craft while providing you an international-quality certified product at a fair price.

At SoulWeaves, a sense of responsibility and a passion for tradition meet modern aesthetics, creating a warp and weft of then and now, old and new – we believe our fabrics are a marker of the beautiful, diverse world we live in today.

Social Investments

SoulWeaves contributes a percentage of its profit to the SOS education fund. It has also begin a free of cost training programme on various pashmina craftsmanship skills through which young artisans are learning the trade and earning as well.