The Two-step Pashmina Certification Guarantee

Certified Pashmina Fibre
Every SoulWeaves Pashmina is made from Pashmina fibre that is certified authentic by the Craft Development Institute, Srinagar, (cdisgr.org) under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Certified Pashmina Product
The finished Pashmina, be it a shawl, a throw or a muffler is again tested and certified for authenticity by the Craft Development Institute, Srinagar, through a certificate and a hologram sticker and a unique identification number that can be matched on their website.

At SoulWeaves when you want a hand-crafted, authentic Pashmina that is what you get. No blends. No shortcuts. Just pure Pashmina.

Committed to encouraging and keeping artistic Pashmina traditions and its craftsmen alive, SoulWeaves chooses handloom and hand-craft over power looms and machines.